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Dehumidifier installation, maintenance and repair services in Plano, TX & Surrounding Areas

The North Dallas area is no stranger to sticky, humid conditions, but high humidity can be more than a mere annoyance. Protect your home and your health with one of our premium whole-home dehumidifiers and expert installation services from All Service Heating & Air.

High Humidity Can Spell Big Trouble

Everyone knows that high humidity can ruin your comfort, leaving you sweaty and disrupting your body’s ability to cool itself. What you may not know is that humidity is also a key factor in your home’s indoor air quality. In particular, humid conditions act as a catalyst for the growth of mold, mildew, bacteria, dust mites, and other biological airborne pollutants.

Prolonged periods of high humidity can take a toll on your home as well. Too much moisture can cause wood to expand and warp, potentially damaging cabinets, wood floors, and other exposed woodwork. It can also deteriorate drywall, cause wallpaper to peel, leave insulation wet, and accelerate the rotting of timber framing.

How Dehumidifiers Keep Humidity in Check

As you can see, there are serious consequences to allowing excessive humidity to persist in your home. The good news is that a professionally installed dehumidifier offers a simple and permanent solution to most humidity issues. Dehumidifiers continuously monitor the relative humidity levels in your home. When the humidity is too high, dehumidifiers pull in air from your HVAC return ductwork and rapidly cool it. This causes condensation, pulling water vapor out of the air and quickly lowering the humidity to the desired level. You’re most likely to benefit from a dehumidifier if you’ve noticed:

  • Frequent condensation on windows and cold surfaces
  • Difficulty staying comfortable even at lower thermostat settings
  • Musty odors, allergy-like symptoms, or other indicators of mold growth

High-Quality Dehumidifier Services in North Dallas

If you need a new dehumidifier, you can count on award-winning service from All Service Heating & Air. As a Trane Comfort Specialist, we have access to the best products, training and support in the industry. Our Trane dehumidifiers combine superior humidity control with outstanding energy efficiency, allowing you to stay comfortable no matter the weather.

We provide highly personalized service, beginning with a thorough assessment of your home that helps us make honest, fact-based recommendations. We never push unnecessary services or use high-pressure sales tactics. If you ever encounter a problem with your dehumidifier, our repair specialists are just a phone call away. We also provide routine maintenance services to help prevent equipment failures and ensure your dehumidifier continues providing dependable comfort.

The weather in North Dallas can certainly be unpredictable, but you deserve a home that’s always comfortable, healthy, and safe. With the high-performance dehumidifiers at All Service Heating & Air, you can make excessive humidity a thing of the past.

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