Furnace in Frisco, TX

Why Is Water Coming Out of My Furnace in Frisco, TX?

January 25, 2023

If you ever notice water coming out of your furnace in Frisco, TX, then you’re probably wondering two things. Your first concern is why it’s happening, and the second is what you should do about it. Knowing the cause of the water coming out of your furnace usually points directly to the solution.

A Clogged Filter

A furnace leaking water might happen because of a dirty or clogged furnace filter. These filters clean the air moving through them, but debris accumulation over time might restrict the airflow resulting in a frozen coil. Inspect and replace your filter regularly to avoid expensive problems and preserve your furnace installation in good condition.

Not Always the Furnace

Water leaking or pooling around your furnace makes you think about the furnace itself, but there can be other potential culprits. If your home has a humidifier attached to the furnace, then it might be leaking water to the floor instead of just adding humidity to the air.

A clogged drain or pipe might prevent water from escaping normally. Plumbing problems might happen from pipes close to the furnace. Air conditioners fill up condensation pans over time that might drip onto the furnace.

Heat Exchanger Complications

Heat exchangers transfer heat inside the system, producing condensation that can leak. Consider this possibility if you rule out all other potential leak causes. Consult a licensed professional about whether a replacement is necessary.

Your furnace might have water coming out of it for several reasons, but you should always start by turning the system off, cleaning up any water pooled around the base, checking the air filter, and consulting professional help. When you know the cause of the issue, you can figure out what to do. Call us at All Service Heating & Air for furnace repair and other services that you need.

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