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Why Does My Heat Pump Constantly Run in Allen, TX?

Heat Pump Constantly Run in Allen, TX

A heat pump that runs constantly can be a headache because it will increase your energy bill and will require frequent repairs. Here are some reasons for a heat pump running constantly in Allen, TX.

You Have a Clogged Air Filter

An air filter is critical in protecting your system’s components from contamination due to pollutants floating in the air. The air filter also promotes good indoor air quality by catching these contaminants. When the pollutants clog the air filter, air cannot pass through smoothly.

As a result, the heat pump runs without pausing, trying to draw in air through the blocked filter. Consider changing your air filter often or cleaning it if you use a reusable one.

Your Outdoor Unit Is Dirty

A heat pump’s outdoor unit helps to draw in heat from outside during winter. If there are any contaminants accumulating on the component, the unit can’t absorb heat efficiently, causing the system to run continuously. The contaminants may include leaves, dirt, debris, and fur.

Consider scheduling regular heat pump maintenance to have technicians clean your heat pump coils. Also, you can erect a fence around the outdoor component to prevent pets from rubbing against it and getting their fur on it.

Your Refrigerant Is Leaking

Your refrigerant helps to relay heat from the outdoor coil to the indoor coil during the coldest months of the year. Refrigerant lines may develop damage if you accidentally hit your outdoor component or if there is a problem with your unit.

When your heat pump has a refrigerant leak, it can no longer transport sufficient heat from outside into your home. This causes it to run without stopping to achieve the temperatures you inputted on the thermostat. A professional technician can fix refrigerant leaks for you.

Contact All Service Heating & Air if you need heating services in the southwest. Our technicians will take care of your problematic heat pump to ensure your family enjoys a comfortable indoor environment.

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