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5 Signs Your Attic Needs to Be Insulated in Frisco, TX

attic insulation in Frisco, TX

Your Frisco, TX home can’t maintain its temperature in either the summer or the winter without proper insulation. However, the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association suggests that about 90% of homes are under-insulated. Consider these five signs that your attic may need additional insulation to regulate your home’s temperature.

1. Excessive Utility Bills

When your attic insulation isn’t sufficient, it allows for a lot of heat transfer, both in the winter and summer. This causes your furnace to cycle longer and more often, driving up your utility bills. Compare your energy consumption, especially over the winter, to a neighbor’s to see if it’s in line or excessively higher.

2. Ice Dams on Your Roof

While we may not get sustained cold temperatures in Frisco, those freak winter storms can do a number. Snow falling on roofs will melt when there’s not enough insulation. However, that melted snow will get to the edge of the roof and refreeze, causing an ice dam.

3. Inconsistent Indoor Temperatures

Varying temperatures throughout your home may indicate the need for various heating or air conditioning repairs. However, it could be an indicator you require additional insulation, especially if the odd room is directly under your attic.

4. Indoor Temperatures That Change Easily

Do you notice your house quickly heats up or cools back down after your HVAC system finishes running? If outdoor conditions like a strong cold wind exacerbate this change, there’s a strong likelihood you need more insulation.

5. Water Leaks

You may not think that water leaks are an indication of insufficient insulation. However, wherever air may leak, water can get in as well. Not only does a water leak indicate possible insufficient insulation, but it can also ruin the insulation you already have.

Keep your home comfortable and protected. Call the experts at All Service Heating & Air to schedule an appointment for your attic insulation evaluation today.

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