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4 Tips for Choosing the Right Thermostat in Frisco, TX

March 16, 2023

We can enjoy our mild temperatures now, but warm temperatures will come our way soon. To keep your home in Frisco, TX, comfortable, you’ll need a good thermostat. When choosing a thermostat, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Decide How Much Technology You Prefer

Thermostats range from ones that have manual controls to those that can accept voice commands. If you like using high-tech equipment, look into the smart thermostats that connect to Wi-Fi networks and can remember many different settings.

In the middle of the range, you’ll find standard programmable thermostats. These don’t connect to the internet, but they can remember your preferred settings for various times of the day.

Consider Your HVAC System

Most new thermostats can work with a variety of HVAC systems. Some models, though, might not connect with certain kinds of heat pumps or other types of systems. You can find compatibility information in product descriptions and packaging.

Find a Product That Works With Your Wiring

Basic thermostats can come with simple wiring, but more advanced thermostats may require a common wire. This wire, commonly referred to as a C-wire, can provide power for modern displays and Wi-Fi connectivity. A professional can add a C-wire to your system if you want a new thermostat and don’t currently have one at your place in Frisco, TX.

Think About Style

Thermostats don’t take up much space, but they can feel like prominent parts of a room, given their location on the wall. As such, you may prefer a thermostat that matches your home’s style. Sleek and high-tech models might complement homes with modern aesthetics, for example.

You can review the options for thermostats before deciding on a model. Contact All Service Heating & Air for help with your thermostat installation in Frisco, TX.

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