Thermostat in Richardson, TX

4 Things You May Not Know About Your Thermostat in Richardson, TX

April 23, 2021

Changing the setting on your thermostat because the office is too hot or too cold sounds like a good idea. But it’s not always the case.

Unless your furnace or AC has a multi-stage function, your heating and cooling devices only operate at a single speed. Changing the setting only runs your unit longer to reach desired temps. That increases energy bills.

2. Your Thermostat May Not Be Properly Set

Most of us tend to have our thermostats installed and never bother to learn how to use them. Most thermostats are never properly set. Get your hands on the manual, contact the manufacturer or chat with your HVAC professional about the best ways to use your thermostat.

3. You Aren’t Saving Money by Not Adjusting It

According to ENERGY STAR, perpetually leaving your thermostat at a specific temperature actually wastes money. Lower the thermostat for those long hours when your business is not in use. Reset it when you return.

In the winter, lower the temperature between 10 and 15 degrees. During the summer, set it 5 to 8 degrees higher. The Department of Energy says by doing so you’ll save between 5% and 15% on annual energy costs.

4. Small, Frequent Tweaks Create Inefficiency

When you spend a lot of time fiddling with thermostats, you use more energy than businesses that leave them alone. Constant adjustments create inefficiency. With each change, your furnace or AC starts up again.

You want your air conditioning and heating systems to save you money. They’re better equipped to do that when your systems run for steadier, longer periods of time.

If you apply the above tips to your thermostat, you’ll save money and minimize heating and cooling issues. Otherwise, bring your Richardson, TX, thermostat or cooling and heating issues to All Service Heating & Air.

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