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3 Signs You Need a New Thermostat in Allen, TX

New Thermostat in Allen, TX

Thermostats control and regulate important aspects of how HVAC systems function. Since sticking with a faulty thermostat can subject you to all kinds of unpleasantness in Allen, TX this summer, you must learn how to spot when your device no longer works properly. Here are three signs that you should probably get a new thermostat.

1. Incorrect Temperature Readings

A thermostat that won’t take correct temperature readings in your home can’t communicate effectively with your heating and cooling equipment. If you’ve placed your thermostat in a spot that’s either significantly warmer or significantly cooler than the rest of your home, then bizarre temperature readings will probably not indicate any issues with the device itself.

2. Short Cycling

When your HVAC system turns on and off without completing a heating or cooling cycle, it is short cycling. This behavior is a surefire sign that trouble is afoot somewhere in your home comfort system.

The cause of short cycling might lie directly in your HVAC system. For example, your system may have sustained a refrigerant leak, its filters may be exceptionally dirty, or it may simply be too large for your house. Once you’ve ruled out explanations like these, however, you should turn your suspicions to your thermostat.

3. AC Won’t Turn On or Off

Excessive cycling is a problem, but so is no cycling at all. If your HVAC system refuses to turn on or off, the first thing you should do is schedule repairs or maintenance for the system. If this doesn’t resolve the difficulty, then consider installing a new thermostat.

Now that you understand what it might look like when your thermostat seriously malfunctions, you need to act on that information. Call our team at All Service Heating & Air at the first sign of trouble to schedule thermostat services in Allen, TX.

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