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3 Furnace Odors You Can’t Ignore in Plano, TX

Woman Holding Nose Because Of A Bad Smell

Unusual furnace odors in Plano, TX are a sign of trouble, and you should never ignore them. Various smells have different meanings. Below, we will discuss some furnace odors and what they mean.

1. A Rotten Eggs or Sulfur-like Smell

This smell suggests that natural gas is leaking in your home. Typically, natural gas is odorless, but natural gas companies add a sulfur-smelling chemical to this gas to allow people to detect when this gas leaks.

If your family or pets inhale this gas, it can cause adverse effects on their health. This gas is also highly combustible, and your house can easily catch fire if this gas comes in contact with fire in the kitchen.

Never attempt to pinpoint the source of the leak by yourself if you are not a professional. Instead, immediately evacuate everyone in your home, and call a certified technician to repair the problem.

2. A Burning Smell

The lubrication on the moving components of your furnace may run out with time, resulting in friction between these parts. This friction between metallic parts causes a burning smell.

You may also hear a grinding noise when there is friction between moving parts. Schedule maintenance services annually so a technician can lubricate your furnace’s components.

A burning smell can also occur when the rubber coating of your system’s wires burns. If this happens, turn off your furnace and request a technician to repair the electrical problems in your furnace as soon as possible.

3. A Musty Smell

You may detect a musty smell when biological contaminants grow on your furnace’s components. These contaminants produce spores that enter your indoor air space, causing this smell. The spores can also make your home’s occupants complain of throat irritations, headaches, watery eyes and sneezing.

Promptly responding whenever you detect weird smells from your furnace helps to nip the problem in the bud. Call All Service Heating & Air for quality heating services whenever your furnace produces unusual odors. We will find the cause of the smell and take care of it.

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