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3 Benefits of Improving IAQ in Plano, TX

Maintaining high indoor air quality (IAQ) is an essential aspect of home comfort for all those living in Plano, TX. Here are three of the positive effects that improving your IAQ can have.

1. Improved Health

Breathing polluted air can severely compromise your health over the long run, but breathing clean air can correspondingly improve it. Once you have high IAQ at home, you will be more likely to avoid health problems like coughing, sneezing, congestion, vomiting, nosebleeds, colds and even more serious diseases like lung cancer and COPD. Additionally, high IAQ can improve your mood, increase your chances of sleeping soundly at night, make you feel more energized during the day and improve cognitive function and productivity at work.

2. Better HVAC Performance

Promoting better IAQ can increase your HVAC system’s efficiency and general functioning in tandem with improving your health. Timely repairs and regular maintenance are essential to keeping your system performing optimally over the years. If you take care to boost your IAQ, you could well end up saving money on repair costs.

This is because airborne pollutants can find their way into the critical parts of your HVAC system and either hamper their functioning directly or choke off airflow through the system and decrease efficiency indirectly. Using a tool like an air purifier to increase IAQ may prevent such problems from ever arising in the first place.

3. Lower Utility Bills

A particularly devastating consequence of low IAQ and decreased HVAC efficiency concerns your utility bills. In short, they can go through the roof. Therefore, the costs of keeping IAQ high are a more-than-worthwhile investment that can end up saving you money.

Taking the time to improve IAQ in your home in Plano, TX can shower you with some pretty extraordinary benefits. Call All Service Heating & Air, and check out some of our indoor air quality services and equipment to get started on this important task.

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