VOCs in McKinney, TX

What Are VOCs and How Can I Reduce Them in McKinney, TX?

August 5, 2021

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) are a group of chemicals, like benzene, xylene, butane, methyl chloride, and formaldehyde, produced by products that we use to build and maintain our houses. VOCs are found in paints, toilet cleaners, air fresheners, furniture, and even cosmetics, and they can interfere with the air quality in your McKinney, TX, home.

What Are the Effects of VOC Exposure?

When volatile organic compounds are circulating in the air, they can make their way into your lungs. Depending on the level and for how long you inhale them, they can cause particular effects on your health.

Exposure to VOCs might cause severe symptoms to asthmatic people or cause breathing problems in people who were initially healthy. Different VOCs have different levels of toxicity, so the effects on you will depend on underlying health issues, sensitivity, and the chemicals that are present.


Improving ventilation means an increase in airflow in your house. You can achieve ventilation by opening windows and using fans, or you can get an HVAC ventilation system to monitor air and provide circulation. Ventilation works by diluting chemicals with fresh air, improving the indoor air quality.

HVAC professionals who specialize in air quality can recommend different ventilation strategies based on the source and location of your VOC issue. While you can fix some issues by replacing products in your home, mechanical ventilation systems can help when the source is structural or too expensive to replace.

Choose the Right Cleaning Products

Some cleaning products have VOCs in them, which means that you are adding these chemicals to the air as you are cleaning your home. Look for products with minimal or no volatile organic compounds. This is often stated clearly on the label.

Consider Low-VOC Paints

Paints have a high level of VOCs. If you can, go for paints that have a low level or no VOC compounds. If you are painting with high VOC paints, be sure that there is plenty of airflow in your home and try not to sleep there until the paint is completely cured.

Proper Storage

There are various products that you cannot avoid purchasing for your house; the key is how you store them. Products like paints, varnishes, and solvents should not be in places that share airflow with your living space. This includes closets and, at times, attached garages.

Instead, try to store them in a temperature-controlled environment that is airtight or separate from your home, like a garden shed. This will not only help keep your products safe but your family as well.

Look Closely at Furniture

Furniture made with resins or synthetic fabrics contain a certain amount of VOCs. Most new furniture has not off-gassed and will do so in your house, and they will increase the VOCs in your home for a certain amount of time.

You can find used furniture that has undergone recycling and repurposing. This option is both eco-friendly and cost-effective and will still give your house an upgraded look. If you want new furniture, look for products without chemicals that produce VOCs; again, the companies that do this tend to advertise the fact that they don’t have these compounds.

Keep Temperatures Low

Most chemicals off-gas at a higher rate in higher temperatures. Whole-home air conditioning, therefore, can help to maintain air quality. This will not only reduce the risks of VOCs but also make your home more comfortable for your family.

The quality of your indoor air affects your family’s health, and that is why taking steps to identify and reduce VOCs in your home can go a long way toward wellness for everyone in your home. Invest in a heating and cooling system that will help keep you cool, comfortable, and ventilated. For installation, maintenance, repair, upgrading, and replacement of your heating and cooling system in McKinney, TX, contact us today at All Service Heating & Air.

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