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7 HVAC Upgrades to Increase Your Home’s Value in Frisco, TX

HVAC Upgrades in Frisco, TX

Equity is an important aspect in determining a home’s value in Frisco, TX. Investing in an HVAC upgrade adds value and desirability to the house. Here are seven HVAC system upgrades that can increase your home’s value.

1. Insulation

Home insulation is a very important component in the home value equation. Insulation helps your home become more energy efficient and protects it from drafts that can affect temperature stability. Additionally, insulation lowers your utility bills.

Proper insulation helps keep your HVAC system operating more efficiently, and that means less system repair. Attic and wall insulation also help dampen outside noises so you can enjoy a more peaceful and quiet living environment. Insulation is inexpensive and easy to install, so there’s no good reason not to do it.

2. Furnace

An upgraded furnace can save you a lot of money by reducing energy costs. Most older furnaces don’t meet today’s standards for safety and efficiency. The new furnaces on the market are more efficient than those made a decade or two ago.

HVAC upgrades are one of those items that can increase your home’s value and provide you with a short-term return on your investment if you’re planning to sell soon. Encourage your real estate agent to mention the upgrades in the MLS listing.

3. Air Ducts

Leaking and improperly sized air ducts can be a source of significant energy loss in an HVAC system. These issues will cause you to have higher utility bills until you repair or replace the ducts.

Upgrading the duct system to improve your home’s energy efficiency is a vital step towards investment in long-term energy savings. Improperly sized air ducts will run the fan on your HVAC at high speed all the time, which is a waste of energy.

4. Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat allows homeowners to input schedules for varying temperatures, and it also learns the behavior of the residents and can adjust the temperature accordingly. Some thermostats have Wi-Fi and can monitor the weather and turn on the heat if a cold front is coming. You can impress potential buyers with your smart thermostat.

5. Heat Pumps

One of the most important ways to save energy in your home is to ensure that you have an energy-efficient heat pump system. A heat pump provides cooling and heating in a way that uses relatively little electricity, lowering your utility bills. The system can work with or without ducts.

6. Whole-home Dehumidifiers

A whole-home dehumidifier can help to reduce energy loss in your home by removing excess moisture from the air. The lower humidity makes the home feel cooler, so the HVAC system runs less often.

The best whole-home dehumidifiers connect to your heating and cooling system, which will have a positive impact on the efficiency of your air conditioner. It can also help minimize moisture damage, which may result in substantial repair savings.

7. Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF)

A Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system is the most efficient and cost-effective way to keep your home comfortable. A VRF system will also help keep your energy bills low because it doesn’t waste energy. If you don’t already have a centralized HVAC system, consider installing a VRF.

A VRF operates like a heat pump. It uses refrigerant to transfer heat into and outside an area. This might be the right product for you if you need to heat and cool different parts of the house simultaneously.

Improving the comfort level in your home is a crucial step towards increasing the property’s value. Potential buyers should appreciate the fact that a healthy environment and lower utility bills help justify your asking price.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or want to schedule your estimate on HVAC upgrades, such as insulation, furnaces and air ducts. Contact All Service Heating & Air to discuss our wide range of HVAC upgrades designed to improve your home’s value.

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