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6 Common HVAC Myths You Should Stop Believing in Plano, TX

HVAC Myths in Plano, TX

You have probably come across a lot of information about heating and cooling systems from the internet. Out there, there are a lot of facts mixed up with fiction concerning HVAC systems, which may impact your Plano, TX, home. Here, we’ll discuss some of the most common HVAC myths and look at the truth behind them.

1. You Only Need to Change Your Filter a Few Times a Year

False: Changing your filter will help make your HVAC system run more efficiently and reduce the amount of dirt entering the coils. If you don’t change it, your system will work harder, which often translates to higher energy bills. It can also compromise your indoor air quality and cause the coils to corrode.

Fact: You should change your filter every 30 days or so, depending on the type of filter you have. If you have an electronic air cleaner, it should get changed every one to three months.

2. Turning the Thermostat Down or Up Will Cool or Heat Faster

False: Unexpected fluctuations in room temperature can make your air conditioner work harder. It’ll also shorten the life of the compressor.

Also, when you turn off the unit, the cooling coils may freeze over and prevent the system from restarting again. The system works at one speed, and it’ll be the same regardless of how far you turn up the thermostat.

Fact: To use the HVAC properly, adjust your programmable thermostat to your desired temperature and leave it at that. Otherwise, you’ll waste energy and money trying to fool the system.

3. If the HVAC Isn’t Broken, There’s No Need to Call a Professional

False: You may have noticed that your home’s HVAC system works fine in the summer, but you can feel hot spots in your home. Like your car, the HVAC system needs a tune-up to make the most efficient use of the unit. The last thing you want is for your HVAC system to break down when you need it most.

Ignoring minor problems can lead to expensive replacements. For example, if a problem with the electric wiring, such as an open or short circuit, causes the compressor to overheat, it can be permanently damaged.

Fact: Yearly maintenance is critical to keep your system operating efficiently. It’ll also ensure that it’s safe for you and your family.

4. Closing Registers in Empty Rooms Will Save Money

False: The registers are the vents that allow air to flow in your home. Closing them off reduces airflow and makes your furnace or air conditioner work harder. With an overworked system, you see a decrease in efficiency and an increase in energy usage.

Fact: For optimal efficiency, keep all vents open. You can also invest in zoned HVAC systems. This way, you can manage the temperature and humidity in different rooms instead of closing the vents.

5. A Bigger HVAC System Is Better

False: An oversized unit will cause the compressor to cycle on and off frequently as it tries to keep up with demand. The HVAC unit will only inflate your electric bill.

Fact: To avoid an oversized unit, get an energy audit of your home by a professional HVAC technician. Our experts will measure each room in your home and calculate the right size of unit you need.

6. Ceiling Air Leaks Using a Duct Tape Is a Good Idea

False: Don’t get tempted to close off the leaks with duct tape or caulk. It may seem like a quick fix, but it’ll eventually fall off, and you end up with a mess. Plus, this could cause additional problems because your airflow may get blocked.

Fact: A long-lasting fix uses mastic and fiberglass mesh tape to seal cracks and leaks. A professional will help you solve the problem and not cause further damage.

Invest in a professional HVAC service to avoid the hassle of an expensive replacement or costly repairs. If you need HVAC maintenance services, contact All Service Heating & Air. We have experts waiting by at all hours of day and night to serve your needs, so call us today!

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