Tips to Lower your Utility Bills this Spring

Spring is just around the corner here in North Texas!

From the desk of Shaun Chalifoux:

Everyone wants to know:  what are the best steps I can take as a homeowner that can increase the life expectancy of my air conditioning unit, and how can I cut cost of my electric bill?

Money Saving Ideas to Lower Electric Bills

Many think the best way to save on air conditioning is by turning it off.  Here in north Texas temps can be warm six months or longer during the year.  The humidity is high through much of the year so turning your system off can make it work harder, not smarter.  A better idea is to set the thermostat to a higher temperature when you are not home.  This will lower your costs over time.  Below are a few more tips for a lower electric bill.

Efficient System

There are a number of problems with your AC that can cause it to operate inefficiently. When it’s operating inefficiently it will work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature, which means you’ll be spending more on your monthly bill.  Having your air-conditioner unit covered by a twice-a-year general maintenance program such as what All Service Heating and Air offers will ensure it is operating at maximum capacity.

Change Your Filters

Air Conditioning Repair in Plano, TX

An air filter that’s clogged inhibits airflow and places stress on your air-conditioner unit. This is the single most important thing you can do as a homeowner is changing your filters based on the manufacturer’s suggestions.  This will provide better air quality and lower your utility bills.

When your filter is clogged, dirt and airborne particles may back up in your ductwork causing further inefficiency and will affect overall airflow.  A dirty filter can cause your system to shut off and cause parts to overheat and fail!

Heating and air conditioning costs contribute to about 43% of your monthly utility bill.  Use these energy-saving measures to save on air conditioning bills and make sure your system is working efficiently. Here at All Service Heating and Air, we want to help answer all your air-conditioning needs.

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Next week, look for some more money saving ideas!