Plano Residents Ask: Why is My Thermostat Blank?

Thermostats in Plano, TX

Thermostats in Plano, TXA blank thermostat is never a good sight. However, it can and does happen. So if your thermostat has gone blank, you may be wondering what you can do. Here are five reasons this may have occurred and the information you need to get back to living more comfortably in your home:

What are the Top 5 Reasons for a Blank Thermostat?

While there are many reasons why thermostats can go blank, some are more pressing than others. Here is what you’ll want to check:

  • Circuit Breaker: In some homes, thermostats are on the same circuit as other energy-needy appliances, such as hairdryers. If your thermostat is blank, consider flipping the circuit breaker to see if it fixes the problem.
  • Dead Batteries: Another common problem is a dead battery. Many homes have thermostats that operate on batteries that require yearly changing. If yours is battery powered, insert new batteries to see if this brings your thermostat back to life.
  • Triggered Safety Switch: Safety switches can be triggered in hot or cold months, for a variety of reasons. If the air conditioner or thermostat is causing damage, a safety switch may turn off the thermostat to protect the home. If you see that the safety switch has been triggered, you should have your system immediately inspected by a certified HVAC technician.
  • Wiring Concerns: Thermostats are highly electrical devices and loose wiring could be at fault for your thermostat going blank. In most cases, it is safest to trust electrical work to the professionals, who can determine the cause and create a safer solution for wiring your device.
  • Old Thermostat: Even the best thermostats wear out over time. If you have had your thermostat for over 10 years and it has suddenly gone blank, it may be time for a replacement.

Can I Afford to Fix My Thermostat?

Due to the wide range of problems that could have caused a blank thermostat, our team calculates pricing for services on an individual basis. This allows us to ensure that you pay for only what you need to get your home back up and running. We also accept convenient financing, to help bring your home repair within financial reach.

A blank thermostat is not an issue you can afford to wait around on. So if you are concerned about why your thermostat may not be working, we are here to help. Our team has already assisted countless families in and around Plano, TX. Now, we are ready to do the same for you. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

Energy Savings Tips for Dallas, TX Homeowners

Air Conditioning Service in Plano, TX

Air Conditioning Service in Plano, TXSky high energy bills can really put a damper on warm weather fun. Improving the efficiency of your cooling system and your habits can help you cut back your energy spend and save more money for the things you want and need. Stop paying for excessive energy consumption with these energy savings tips!

  • Use the right thermostat settings to maximize efficiency. 78°F is the ideal summertime setting for energy savings while you’re home. When you’re gone, set back your thermostat 15 degrees higher to generate greater savings. If you have a programmable thermostat, use the settings to adjust back to occupied temperatures about 15 minutes before you come home to avoid returning to a hot house.
  • Use your window coverings to your advantage. Homes have great heat gain from UV rays shining through windows – block them out by closing blinds face-up and pulling curtains during the day to keep your home cooler, reducing air conditioning use.
  • Use cold water when you wash. 90% of the energy consumed while doing a load of laundry is spent heating the water. Hot water also adds heat to the home, increasing the load on your air conditioner.
  • Keep doors and windows tightly closed. Remember when your parents used to yell, “I’m not trying to air condition the neighborhood!”? When your doors and windows are ajar warm air enters the house, forcing your AC to run more to keep your home cool.
  • Use your ceiling fans. In the summer, your ceiling fans should be set to rotate counterclockwise. This pulls warm air up, keeping it near the ceiling and away from occupants down below. Fans are only useful if there are people in the room, so be sure to turn them off when you exit a room to save additional energy.
  • Take shorter showers. Cutting down shower time both reduces heat brought into the home by hot water and reduces interior humidity. Always use your bathroom’s exhaust fan when showering to remove excess moisture that will make your home feel hotter.
  • Use smarter lighting options. LED bulbs use less energy and emit 75% less heat compared to incandescent bulbs. They also last longer, making them both cost and energy efficient!
  • Seal air leaks. Install weather stripping around doors and use caulk around window and door frames to prevent conditioned air from escaping your home.
  • Change your furnace filters on a regular basis. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations for frequency and check your filter monthly to see if it needs replaced early. Doing so improves airflow through the system and boosts air conditioner performance and efficiency.

For energy saving HVAC services such as preventative maintenance tune-ups, call All Service Heat and Air today!

Newest Smart Thermostats in Leonard, TX

Nest® Thermostats in Plano, TX

Nest® Thermostats in Plano, TXThermostat technology is rapidly evolving, giving homeowners superior control over their home comfort. Programmable thermostats were once the gold standard for comfort control and cutting energy consumption, but now, “smart” thermostats expand those capabilities to deliver utmost convenience.

Nest Learning Thermostat makes controlling your home’s heating and cooling use effortless! Read on to learn more about Nest how to have one installed in your home.

What is Nest?

Nest Learning Thermostats’ deliver effortless home comfort and energy control through their learning capabilities. Unlike a programmable thermostat that you must preset, Nest learns your preferences and makes temperature adjustments as needed to improve comfort while selecting energy-smart settings that lower your energy bills. For the first week, adjust Nest just like you’d set any thermostat. After that, Nest does the work for you! Nest learns when you’re coming and going, when to adjust the temperature for sleeping hours, and more.

Nest features a sleek modern design with interchangeable rings in a range of colors to fit your décor. Its “farsight” technology senses when you enter the room, lighting up the screen to display temperature, time, or weather. You can choose between an analog or digital clock face and customize your thermostat’s display.

Nest is compatible with many types of heating and cooling systems and well as indoor air quality equipment. Use the Nest app to stay connected with your home’s HVAC system even when you’re out of the house.

Benefits of Nest

Nest Learning Thermostat is the first ENERGY STAR® rated thermostat on the market. On average, it pays for itself in under two years, lowering your heating energy consumption by 10 to 12 percent, and cooling energy consumption by 15 percent. Through the Nest app, view your energy history to identify times when more energy is used and get Nest’s expert tips for cutting energy consumption in your home.

Nest also works to keep your home and HVAC system safe. Nest senses conditions at home and alerts you via the app if anything is amiss. Get alerts regarding your furnace or air conditioner’s performance, extreme indoor temperature alerts, and more. Stay up-to-date with your HVAC maintenance tasks with Nest’s filter change and maintenance alerts.

The Nest family offers many other products that work with the learning thermostat to enhance safety and convenience in your home. Nest thermostat communicates with lighting systems, locks, and even the Nest Protect carbon monoxide detector to make needed adjustments for safety and energy consumption reduction.

Get Nest in your home now! All Service Heat and Air offers genuine Nest products and expert installation. Contact us today to learn more.

Stay Connected with Your Dallas, TX HVAC System When You’re Away

Air Conditioning Service in Plano, TX

Air Conditioning Service in Plano, TXIn today’s technologically-connected world, smart home devices deliver convenience and accessibility from just about anywhere. Thermostats and apps are available that allow you to connect with your home’s heating and cooling systems when you’re away, giving you the ability to stay in control of your home no matter the distance. All Service Heat and Air offers expert installation of the Nest Learning Thermostat that helps you stay connected with home comfort even when you’re out of the house, for a better heating and cooling experience.

About Nest Learning Thermostat

Heating and cooling use accounts for half the average homes’ energy spend. The right thermostat can make a significant difference in your energy bills. Nest goes beyond the capabilities of a programmable thermostat to increase your savings- it learns your preferences and makes smart temperature adjustments to conserve energy and improve your comfort. Nest saves homeowners an average of 10% to 12% on heating costs and 15% on cooling bills, virtually paying for itself in under two years!

Nest is a learning thermostat, which means it learns your habits, your schedule, and your temperature preferences. Nest will adjust temperatures in your home automatically to deliver ultimate comfort while selecting smart settings that cut energy consumption. Once Nest is installed, set the thermostat regularly for a week so it can learn what you like. Moving forward, Nest takes over and controls your HVAC system efficiently around your schedule, with your preferences in mind.

Using the Nest app, you’ll gain insight into your HVAC systems’ energy consumption. View your energy history report to see peak usage times and get tips for how to cut energy use in the home. You can use the app anywhere, even when you’re away from home. Use the app to adjust the temperature remotely, and Nest will make the adjustment in your home. Receive safety and system performance alerts, along with filter change reminders to help you stay on top of HVAC system maintenance.

Wi-Fi Thermostats

Other thermostat models are available featuring Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to access your homes’ heating and cooling system when you’re away. These work by utilizing paired mobile apps. Log in from your smartphone or tablet when you’re away to make temperature adjustments, monitor energy consumption, and receive system alerts. Features and capabilities vary by the thermostat – talk to your All Service Heat and Air representative to learn about our available options and find a thermostat that will give you the power to stay connected to your home comfort even when you’re gone!

Connect with your home’s HVAC system whenever you’re away with Nest. Call All Service Heat and Air today to learn more!