Stay Connected with Your Dallas, TX HVAC System When You’re Away

Air Conditioning Service in Plano, TXIn today’s technologically-connected world, smart home devices deliver convenience and accessibility from just about anywhere. Thermostats and apps are available that allow you to connect with your home’s heating and cooling systems when you’re away, giving you the ability to stay in control of your home no matter the distance. All Service Heat and Air offers expert installation of the Nest Learning Thermostat that helps you stay connected with home comfort even when you’re out of the house, for a better heating and cooling experience.

About Nest Learning Thermostat

Heating and cooling use accounts for half the average homes’ energy spend. The right thermostat can make a significant difference in your energy bills. Nest goes beyond the capabilities of a programmable thermostat to increase your savings- it learns your preferences and makes smart temperature adjustments to conserve energy and improve your comfort. Nest saves homeowners an average of 10% to 12% on heating costs and 15% on cooling bills, virtually paying for itself in under two years!

Nest is a learning thermostat, which means it learns your habits, your schedule, and your temperature preferences. Nest will adjust temperatures in your home automatically to deliver ultimate comfort while selecting smart settings that cut energy consumption. Once Nest is installed, set the thermostat regularly for a week so it can learn what you like. Moving forward, Nest takes over and controls your HVAC system efficiently around your schedule, with your preferences in mind.

Using the Nest app, you’ll gain insight into your HVAC systems’ energy consumption. View your energy history report to see peak usage times and get tips for how to cut energy use in the home. You can use the app anywhere, even when you’re away from home. Use the app to adjust the temperature remotely, and Nest will make the adjustment in your home. Receive safety and system performance alerts, along with filter change reminders to help you stay on top of HVAC system maintenance.

Wi-Fi Thermostats

Other thermostat models are available featuring Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to access your homes’ heating and cooling system when you’re away. These work by utilizing paired mobile apps. Log in from your smartphone or tablet when you’re away to make temperature adjustments, monitor energy consumption, and receive system alerts. Features and capabilities vary by the thermostat – talk to your All Service Heat and Air representative to learn about our available options and find a thermostat that will give you the power to stay connected to your home comfort even when you’re gone!

Connect with your home’s HVAC system whenever you’re away with Nest. Call All Service Heat and Air today to learn more!