Reduce Pollen in Your Plano, TX Home

Air Cleaners and Filtration in Plano, TXPollen counts can easily become high in your home when outdoor levels rise, causing discomfort to those you love with allergies. Air cleaners and filtration solutions work with your home’s heating and cooling equipment to remove pollen and other allergens as air passes through your HVAC system. If you or a loved one suffer from an allergy to pollen or other airborne contaminants, an air cleaner or high efficiency furnace filter are a must to relieve symptoms and improve comfort.

Air Cleaners in Plano, TX

Whole home air cleaners work by trapping pollen and other contaminants as air circulates through your home’s HVAC system. These indoor air quality systems prevent pollen from circulating back into your living areas where it negatively affects the allergy sufferers in your home.

Portable air cleaners are also available that provide targeted contaminant removal for individual areas of the home. These can be useful in the bedrooms of or living areas frequently used by household members suffering from pollen allergies. Room air cleaners come in different sizes, so be sure to measure the area you want to treat before purchasing to ensure the air cleaner has the capacity to work properly in your space.

In addition to allergy benefits, air cleaners also keep your HVAC system and other sensitive electronic equipment in your home cleaner. This can extend the service life of these expensive systems and improve their efficiency, saving you money on replacement and energy costs as well as allergy medications!

Filtration in Plano, TX

High efficiency furnace filters offer increased contaminant control, removing more and smaller particles from your home’s air supply. They are inserted into your furnace or air handler’s filter compartment and remove contaminants as air circulates through the HVAC system.

Furnace filter efficiency is measured by MERV, which stands for minimum efficiency reporting value. In homes with allergy sufferers filters rated MERV 8 to 12 are ideal for maximum removal of pollen and other allergens. While higher rated filters are available, these are not always suitable for use with residential heating and cooling systems, and their use could actually hinder airflow, causing more problems than benefits.

Take a stand against aggravating pollen allergies in your home when you install an air cleaner or advanced filtration solution. All Service Heat and Air offers the solutions you need to drastically reduce allergens indoors, creating a healthier, happier home – contact us today to learn more.