Leonard Residents Ask: How Hot is Too Hot in My Home?

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Plano, TXOver the winter months, air conditioning units are subject to break or become less efficient. However, when not in use, it is difficult to know that a problem has occurred. So, it may come as a surprise to you, when the summer months roll around your home may not be not cooling the way it should. Is the heat dangerous to you and your loved ones? Here is what you should know.

Is Heat Stroke a Concern?

For healthy individuals, a small increase in temperature may not be a major problem at first. However, it is important to take into account all of the people who are living in your home. Since babies are initially unable to regulate their own body temperature, too much heat could do more than just make them uncomfortable, it could pose a danger to their health.

Similarly, the elderly are also susceptible to the dangers of a heat stroke. This condition occurs as a result of the body’s prolonged exposure to high temperatures and could damage the brain, heart, kidneys and muscles. Immediate treatment is the best way to reduce the potential for serious, lasting complications.

Additionally, anyone with health issues in your home may also have a more adverse reaction to the high temperatures. If you are in need of AC maintenance, do not hesitate to schedule a service appointment. Protect the health and safety of your family.

Does All Service Heating & Air Perform What I Need?

Our team understands that AC repair may not have been in your budget. When it becomes an issue, it needs to be addressed as quickly as possible. To ensure that you pay for only what you need, we price all of our services on an individual basis. Your personalized price will be calculated during your service appointment. We are also glad to accept convenient financing, to help make this potentially unexpected repair less of a financial burden.

At All Service Heating & Air, we believe every family should live in the most comfortable home temperature possible. Our team understands the dangers of heat stroke, and have already helped countless families in and around Plano, TX repair their air conditioning units for a more enjoyable day-to-day experience. To learn more or schedule your service appointment, do not hesitate to contact us.