Furnace Repair in Plano, TX

For expert HVAC service, you can count on All Service Heating and Air. We provide personalized, high-quality furnace repair service to residents and businesses in Plano, Dallas, Leonard, Richardson, and the surrounding Texas areas.

If your heating system breaks down suddenly, you could face uncomfortably low temperatures and potential gas leakage inside your home or business. In these cases, All Service Heating and Air is available for 24-hour emergency repair service. Our skilled technicians can troubleshoot and fix your system quickly to restore your warm, cozy indoor environment.

Do I Need Furnace Repair?Air Conditioner Maintenance in Plano, TX

A faulty furnace may leak deadly carbon monoxide or combustible gas, but without a professional assessment, it’s difficult to tell if this is occurring. To keep your family safe, watch your furnace closely for warning signs of danger; if something seems odd or if you have any doubts, call our office immediately to arrange a prompt troubleshooting session. Typical red flags include the following:

  • Your furnace won’t turn on.
  • The unit turns on but doesn’t blow warm air throughout the building.
  • You notice different temperatures in different rooms.
  • Your utility bills are rising without using your furnace more than before.
  • Your unit turns on and off frequently.
  • The furnace makes strange noises such as crackling, rumbling, grinding, clicking, or banging.

Calling for furnace repair as soon as you notice any of the above problems can be to your benefit. First, needed repairs can be made before the issues cause your system to break down, leaving you without heat. Also, minor issues can be resolved before they cause detrimental damage to the system, or perhaps cause a total system failure. Doing so can save you quite a bit of money in the long run, and can even mean the difference between paying for a repair and shelling out thousands for a new furnace.

What Should I Expect during a Furnace Repair Visit?

Our trained specialists will assess your entire heating system to identify the source of the problem and look for other potential issues that should be addressed now. We’ll discuss our findings with you and then make the necessary adjustments to restore your warm and comfortable indoor ambiance.

When your furnace is out, you want your heat restored quickly. All Service Heating and Air is available around the clock to provide quick and courteous service. You shouldn’t have to suffer through cold temperatures without heat; call us at the first sign of furnace trouble so that we can quickly perform the needed repairs. Trust our knowledgeable technicians to accurately diagnose the problems and make lasting repairs to your furnace.

As a local family-owned business for over 30 years, All Service Heating and Air has earned a premier reputation by putting the customer’s needs first.

Our goal is to provide homeowners and businesses with the finest heating and cooling systems available at a reasonable cost. For reliable, courteous service in the Plano, Dallas, Leonard, Richardson, and surrounding Texas areas, call our office today to book a service call. We’re here to serve you!