Checklist for what you need to do before you turn on your A/C

Air Cleaners and Filtration in Plano, TX

Air Cleaners and Filtration in Plano, TX1. Check your filter(s) & your drain line. 

Your filters need to be changed every 3-6 months depending on your filter type.  There are a few filters that last a year.   If your filter is not changed and is dirty your AC will have to work much harder to cool and most likely will not be able to because of the lack of airflow through a dirty filter.  A dirty filter basically suffocates your system.  You should It is recommended that you put one cup of Clorox in your drain line to prevent clogging which could lead to ceiling damage should it.


Air Conditioner Maintenance in Plano, TX2. Clear your outdoor unit

Your outdoor condensing unit is prone to get leaves and debris inside the unit.  You should clean the leaves out and wash the coils with water to clear any dirt that could have been sucked in. Why? Your outdoor unit’s main job is to collect all the heat that was removed from the air inside your home. Then, the unit “dumps” all that heat into the outdoor air.

BUT if the outdoor unit is covered in dirt or stifled by dirt and debris, it will struggle to dump all that heat. Think of this as trying to cool off a hot bowl of soup but there’s an airtight lid over the bowl. Doesn’t work very well does it??  The accumulated debris can significantly reduce the efficiency of your air conditioning unit and dramatically raise your utility bills.


Thermostats in Plano, TX3. Check your thermostat settings.

Make sure that you switch your thermostat from “heat” to “cool”.  You would be surprised at the amount of calls we get for this very reason.  You should also have the fan setting on “auto”. Setting your thermostat fan to ON means that it will run constantly—even when your A/C isn’t.  This will make your electric bill higher and will make your home humid.


4. Schedule your routine maintenance.

 “But why would I get maintenance now? I haven’t even run my A/C yet!”

We know and that’s the point. When you schedule A/C maintenance before the heat gets here, you’re making sure that any small problems are resolved before the A/C starts running non-stop. Scheduling a maintenance visit before you use you’re A/C prevents those small problems from turning into larger problems and compromising your comfort when it need it most – in the  middle of the Texas summer!

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Tips and Tricks for Using Your Thermostat

Thermostats in Plano, TX


  1. DON’T leave your thermostat on the same setting.

Why would you need to heat or cool your house to the same temperature you would when you are home when you are not?  Turning your thermostat up a few degrees in the summer or down a few in the winter could potentially save you $180 a year on your utility bill according to

Thermostats in Plano, TX


Consider buying a programmable thermostat so that you can set it and forget itWe recommend setting your temperatures 5 degrees higher during the summer and 10-15 degrees lower during the winter while you are away for 8 hours or more.  Then when you get home you can set the temperature to your desired setting. 


  1. DON’T turn down you’re A/C several degrees to make it “cool faster”

Most A/C units work at one speed (unless you have a 2-stage or variable speed) so dropping the temperature several degrees with only make your unit work longer and harder to reach the desired temperature.  This will consume more energy and raise your utility bill.


Consider purchasing a WIFI thermostat so that you could control your homes temperature while you are at work to gradually lower it to a comfortable temperature for when you come home.  If you are worried about your equipment taking too long to cool, you may need to schedule an A/C professional to come and perform a tune up to make sure it is working properly.


  1. DON’T leave your fan on the “ON” position

Leaving your fan on the “ON” position allows your blower motor fan to run constantly.  This will also use more energy and raise your utility bill.  You should always leave your fan in the “Auto” position your fan will only run when the system is on and running.  When the system reaches the desired temperature, it shuts off and so does your fan.

Thermostats in Plano, TX

You should always set your fan on Auto.  It can save you almost $100 a year on your utility bill.

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