Plano Residents Ask: Why is My Thermostat Blank?

Thermostats in Plano, TX

Thermostats in Plano, TXA blank thermostat is never a good sight. However, it can and does happen. So if your thermostat has gone blank, you may be wondering what you can do. Here are five reasons this may have occurred and the information you need to get back to living more comfortably in your home:

What are the Top 5 Reasons for a Blank Thermostat?

While there are many reasons why thermostats can go blank, some are more pressing than others. Here is what you’ll want to check:

  • Circuit Breaker: In some homes, thermostats are on the same circuit as other energy-needy appliances, such as hairdryers. If your thermostat is blank, consider flipping the circuit breaker to see if it fixes the problem.
  • Dead Batteries: Another common problem is a dead battery. Many homes have thermostats that operate on batteries that require yearly changing. If yours is battery powered, insert new batteries to see if this brings your thermostat back to life.
  • Triggered Safety Switch: Safety switches can be triggered in hot or cold months, for a variety of reasons. If the air conditioner or thermostat is causing damage, a safety switch may turn off the thermostat to protect the home. If you see that the safety switch has been triggered, you should have your system immediately inspected by a certified HVAC technician.
  • Wiring Concerns: Thermostats are highly electrical devices and loose wiring could be at fault for your thermostat going blank. In most cases, it is safest to trust electrical work to the professionals, who can determine the cause and create a safer solution for wiring your device.
  • Old Thermostat: Even the best thermostats wear out over time. If you have had your thermostat for over 10 years and it has suddenly gone blank, it may be time for a replacement.

Can I Afford to Fix My Thermostat?

Due to the wide range of problems that could have caused a blank thermostat, our team calculates pricing for services on an individual basis. This allows us to ensure that you pay for only what you need to get your home back up and running. We also accept convenient financing, to help bring your home repair within financial reach.

A blank thermostat is not an issue you can afford to wait around on. So if you are concerned about why your thermostat may not be working, we are here to help. Our team has already assisted countless families in and around Plano, TX. Now, we are ready to do the same for you. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

Are You Using the Best Furnace Filters?

Furnace Maintenance in Plano, TX

Furnace Maintenance in Plano, TXWhen it comes to proper heating of your home, furnace filters play an integral role. However, if you’re a new homeowner, or simply have never looked into this detail of home maintenance, the filters you are using may not be optimal.

A Threefold Approach: Cost, Particles and Diligence

When making any purchase in or around your home, there are countless factors to consider. However, when specifically looking at furnace filters, cost, type of particles you are trying to filter and your diligence in changing used filters should all be taken into account.

Furnace filters are rated on a minimum efficiency reporting value, also known as MERV. This scale runs from 1 to 16. In most cases, residential filters fall between 4 and 12. The lower the number, the less will be filtered out.

The first step in using the best furnace filters is to ensure you are maintaining the furnace’s specified airflow. The manufacturer will specify the type of filter that is designed to ensure furnace efficiency. While a MERV 4 filter may be inexpensive, many homeowners prefer a slightly more expensive MERV 7 or 8 filter, to put cost and efficiency in optimal ranges.

That said, there are special cases where a MERV 11 may make more sense, such as if your family members have allergies or low-immune concerns. However, these filters will need to be changed more frequently.

When making the choice between fiberglass filters and high-efficiency filters, it is important to consult an HVAC technician. These filters require different rates of airflow, and your technician can adjust the speed of your furnace’s fan to accommodate your chosen filter.

Is Furnace Maintenance Affordable?

We understand that heating maintenance may not have been an issue on your radar this year. And if your furnace needs immediate attention, you may worry about the financial toll this will take on your family. Fortunately, our team prices all services on an individual basis, so you can rest assured you are paying for only what you need. We also accept convenient financing options, to help ease the financial burden.

At All Service Heating & Air, we strive to provide the most comprehensive furnace maintenance available. Whether you are interested in learning about furnace filters or any other concern, we are here to help. Our team has already assisted countless families in and around Plano, TX. Now, we are ready to do the same for you. Contact us today to get started.

Should You Keep All of the Air Vents in Your Home Open in Plano, TX?

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Plano, TX

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Plano, TXVentilation is one aspect of homeownership that may not be as intuitive as mowing the lawn. However, the way that you cool and heat your home is key. One of the most common questions we get is, ”Should I keep all the air vents in my house open?”

Why Should Vents Stay Open?

The short answer is yes. You should keep all the air vents in your house open. By doing so, you reduce the buildup of pressure and heat in your cooling system and support a balanced circulation of air. Proper ventilation also decreases the potential accumulation of dust and allergens that could impact your health.

When vents are closed, this reduces airflow. Reduced airflow causes a slower flow of air and increased pressure within the system. If this continues, air will create new leaks in ductwork, reducing the efficiency of your unit, overall. Additionally, reduced airflow means that rooms are not heated or cooled at the rate in which they should be. This could lead to longer running times for your furnace.

If you have been keeping some vents closed or are interested in learning about how to best support your home’s ventilation, an AC maintenance appointment could help.

Can I Afford AC Maintenance?

In most cases, homeowners don’t consider the state of their air conditioning unit until AC repair is imminent. This can create undue stress, as families worry about the financial burden they may take on. At All Service Heating & Air, we understand that cost matters. That is why we price all of our services on an individual basis and accept convenient financing options.

There is no better time than the present to ensure that your home’s heating and cooling unit is running efficiently. So whether you believe there is a problem, or are simply interested in routine maintenance, we are here to help. Our team has already assisted countless families in and around Plano, TX. Now, we are ready to do the same for you. Contact us today to get started.

What Could be Growing in Your Furnace?

Air Cleaners and Filtration in Plano, TX

Air Cleaners and Filtration in Plano, TXYour furnace is one of the most important appliances in your home. It provides comfortable temperatures for your family and maintains an enjoyable day-to-day experience. If your furnace isn’t properly maintained, you could be breathing in more than you bargained. Are you wondering what could be growing in your furnace? It may not be what you want to hear, but in the name of your long-term health, here is what you need to know.

Do Furnaces Attract Allergens?

Furnaces are essentially contained heating systems fueled by gas, electricity or combustion. This heat travels from the furnace into your home’s ventilation system to heat your home. This is an incredibly effective system. However, in the winter months, there is the potential for allergens to begin circulating throughout your home.

When your home is closed up for several months at a time, mold, dander, dust and mites may begin to grow in and around your heating system. If your UV filter has not been changed in a while, your air may not be as clean as you expected. This is especially hazardous for young children, the elderly or anyone with asthma and other allergies.

Are Our Services Reasonably Priced?

The good news is that air cleaners and filtrations don’t have to make a permanent dent in your wallet. At All Service Heating & Air, we price all of our services on an individual basis. This ensures that you pay for just what you need to achieve the results you deserve. And in an effort to ensure that all of our services are within financial reach, we are glad to accept convenient financing.

Where do I Start?

There is nothing worse than the potential hazards that come with breathing in mold, dander, dust and mites. You and your family deserve only the cleanest air possible. You can live without worrying about what you may be unintentionally inhaling. If a duct cleaning is in your future, you have come to the right place. Our team has already helped countless families in and around Plano, TX. Now, we are ready to do the same for you. To learn more or schedule your service appointment, do not hesitate to contact us.

Leonard Residents Ask: How Hot is Too Hot in My Home?

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Plano, TX

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Plano, TXOver the winter months, air conditioning units are subject to break or become less efficient. However, when not in use, it is difficult to know that a problem has occurred. So, it may come as a surprise to you, when the summer months roll around your home may not be not cooling the way it should. Is the heat dangerous to you and your loved ones? Here is what you should know.

Is Heat Stroke a Concern?

For healthy individuals, a small increase in temperature may not be a major problem at first. However, it is important to take into account all of the people who are living in your home. Since babies are initially unable to regulate their own body temperature, too much heat could do more than just make them uncomfortable, it could pose a danger to their health.

Similarly, the elderly are also susceptible to the dangers of a heat stroke. This condition occurs as a result of the body’s prolonged exposure to high temperatures and could damage the brain, heart, kidneys and muscles. Immediate treatment is the best way to reduce the potential for serious, lasting complications.

Additionally, anyone with health issues in your home may also have a more adverse reaction to the high temperatures. If you are in need of AC maintenance, do not hesitate to schedule a service appointment. Protect the health and safety of your family.

Does All Service Heating & Air Perform What I Need?

Our team understands that AC repair may not have been in your budget. When it becomes an issue, it needs to be addressed as quickly as possible. To ensure that you pay for only what you need, we price all of our services on an individual basis. Your personalized price will be calculated during your service appointment. We are also glad to accept convenient financing, to help make this potentially unexpected repair less of a financial burden.

At All Service Heating & Air, we believe every family should live in the most comfortable home temperature possible. Our team understands the dangers of heat stroke, and have already helped countless families in and around Plano, TX repair their air conditioning units for a more enjoyable day-to-day experience. To learn more or schedule your service appointment, do not hesitate to contact us.

What Kind of Heater do I Have?

Heating Installation in Plano, TX

Heating Installation in Plano, TXAs a homeowner, you will learn a lot about running and maintaining the appliances in your home. One of the most important things you can understand is the type of heater you have. Knowing this is key to understanding what problems may arise, and when it’s necessary to call in the professionals. Are you unsure of what heating source that you have?

What are the Most Popular Heating Options?

While there are a variety of heaters on the market, here are a few of the most common:

  • Furnaces: Many homeowners have furnaces in their homes. This type of heater may run off of gas, electricity or combustion and has the ability to produce a high amount of heat. This heat travels into a ventilation system to heat the home.
  • Boilers: Another common type of heater, boilers transform water into steam. More than just for heat, boilers can be used for both temperature control and heating water. This option has a high rate of efficiency due to the fact that steam is recycled into water and can be used again. In some cases, a boiler may be attached to a small furnace.
  • Heat Pumps: This heater is designed to move the heat from the inside of your home to an outside location to cool the home, or do the reverse to heat the home. However, when temperatures dip below freezing, this option uses more energy to maintain optimal temperatures.

Can I Afford New Heating Installation?

When most people think about heating installation, they worry that the cost of the service will go beyond what they can afford. At All Service Heating & Air, we understand how important it is for your home to remain comfortable, all year long. That is why we price all of our services on an individual basis. We are also glad to accept convenient financing options so that your desired service can be within financial reach.

There is nothing more important than maintaining the comfort of your home for you and your loved ones. Understanding what type of heater you have is the first step. If you are ready to learn more about furnace installation and the variety of services we offer, we are here to help. Our team has helped countless families in and around Plano, TX. Now, we are ready to do the same for you. Simply contact us today to get started.

Heat Maintenance Checklist in Plano, Texas

Heating Service in Plano, TX

Heating Service in Plano, TXIf you are a homeowner, the maintenance of your heat is likely a top priority. After all, you and your family deserve to live in only the most comfortable temperatures. However, if you’re unfamiliar with furnace maintenance, you may not be sure of where to start. To help set things off on the right path, here is a heating maintenance checklist to keep in mind.

What are the Main Furnace Maintenance Checkpoints?

  • Heat Exchanger: Aging, cracked heat exchangers can emit toxic fumes. These could pose a serious illness to your friends and family. Be sure to keep an eye out for cracks and any signs of aging.
  • Burners: If you have dirty burners, you could wind up with poor combustion, soot and condensation. All of this could shorten the lifespan and decrease the performance of your furnace. These can be removed and cleaned to prevent the accumulation of problems.
  • Safety Controls: If your safety controls are not operating properly, this could be another major danger. Check to make sure these are still functioning so furnace repair will be seamless.
  • Gas Line: Undetected gas leaks can create a major health concern for humans and pets. Especially if the gas is odorless, it’s necessary to regularly inspect that all gas lines are functioning smoothly.
  • Air Filter: If your air filters are not functioning optimally, your air conditioning unit could be expending more energy than necessary. Over time, this could lead to a shorter life span for the unit, which would mean more money out of pocket.
  • Thermostat: If your thermostat is not properly calibrated, your unit could be running for a longer amount of time than it should. This could increase the amount of money spent on utilities, draining your bank account in the long-term.

Is Heating Repair Affordable?

At All Service Heating & Air, we understand how important it is to live comfortably in your home. To ensure that your needs are specifically met, we calculate all costs of heating repair services on an individual basis. Your unique pricing will be calculated during your service appointment. Additionally, to help make your heating services more affordable, we are proud to offer convenient financing.

If your heating system is in need of maintenance, or you are seeking guidance on how to ensure proper heating and cooling of your home, we are here to help. We have already helped countless homeowners in and around Plano, TX. Now, we are ready to do the same for you. Contact us today to learn more.

Why You Need to Keep Your HVAC Coils Clean in Plano, TX

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Plano, TX

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Plano, TXAir conditioners employ two sets of coils in the cooling process: the evaporator coil and the condenser coil. The evaporator coil’s job is to absorb heat from indoor air, while the condenser coil releases this heat. As both coils are exposed to airflow during operation, they can pick up dust, dirt, and debris. This matter can accumulate on the coils, diminishing their performance.

Why AC Coils Need to be Clean

The surface area on HVAC coils is used for heat exchange, effectively cooling your home. When this surface area is reduced, often because it is covered in dirt and dust, the coils cannot exchange heat efficiently or effectively. When this occurs, the air conditioner is forced to use more energy to complete the cooling process. This raises your energy bills and places the air conditioner’s components under stress, which can lead to breakdowns.

Dirty coils also negatively impact your indoor air quality. The diminished performance of your air conditioner leads to humidity control issues inside, creating a host of comfort and health issues. The added moisture caused by dirty coils can cause mold growth on the coils, which can unfortunately spread into your home via system airflow.

Caring for Your AC Coils

In most air conditioning systems, the coils are difficult to access. Our qualified air conditioning technicians perform professional coil cleaning to remove dirt and grime from your coils. Components are carefully removed to access the system’s coils and special cleaners are used to eliminate tough grime and treat mold growth on the coil.

You can help keep your condenser coils cleaner by reducing the amount of dirt and debris your exterior air conditioning equipment is exposed to. Condenser coils get dirty quickly when exposed to a dusty environment. Clean the area surrounding your condenser and get rid of nearby debris. Trim back vegetation and foliage at least two feet. Make sure your home’s dryer vent is not blowing towards or nearby the condenser, exposing the coils to lint and other matter. After mowing, collect grass clippings nearby and gently brush away any that have stuck to the condenser’s exterior fins. In the fall, rake leaves away from the area and clear away any that have fallen on the unit.

Keep your Plano, TX home’s air conditioning coils clean to optimize air conditioner performance and indoor air quality. Contact All Service Heat and Air for professional coil cleaning that protects your coils, lowers your energy bills, and can extend service life of your AC system!

What is HVAC Certification in Plano, TX?

Air Conditioning Service in Plano, TX

Air Conditioning Service in Plano, TXWhen it comes to the comfort of your home, temperature plays an important role. As a result, it’s necessary that the individuals installing, repairing and maintaining your heat and air conditioning units are skilled in the exact services you need. At All Service Heating & Air, we employ only the highest quality licensed professionals with HVAC Certification.

Are HVAC Technicians Qualified?

The HVAC Certification means that the technician working on your home has a high level of skill and ability to provide the long-lasting results that you desire. Due to the fact that HVAC Certification is not mandated by every state, technicians who choose to pursue this certification demonstrate exceptional commitment to their work and to their clients. At All Service Heating & Air, we know that HVAC Certified technicians are the best qualified to tackle even the most challenging jobs. You can learn more about us to understand our thoughtful approach to maintaining comfortable temperature levels in your home.

Training for HVAC Certification requires attending a certification course online or in person. Once the course is completed, technicians must pass an exam. HVAC exams may differ depending on the specific career. However, in every case, the exam requires a thorough understanding of the chosen field.

How Much do HVAC Repairs Cost?

Many customers worry that they will be charged unfairly for the work that needs to be done on their home. To ensure that you pay for just what you need, we calculate the price of all of our procedures on an individual basis. Your unique pricing will be calculated during your service appointment. We are proud to accept financing, to help bring your required services within financial reach.

There is nothing more important than ensuring your home is in good hands. If you are in need of heating or air services, our team is ready to help. We invite you to learn more about us by reading our reviews. Do not hesitate to contact us and get started.

Is Humidity Control Important in Dallas, TX?

Dehumidifiers in Plano, TX

Dehumidifiers in Plano, TXHumidity control is essential for comfort in Dallas homes. Dallas has a humid subtropical climate, which can make balancing humidity levels in the home a challenge. With the right indoor air quality solutions, your home will stay at a balanced humidity level all year round, and your family will benefit from a healthier, more comfortable living environment.

Dehumidifiers for Dallas Homes

When outdoor humidity is high, humidity levels in your home also rise. Homes should be kept between 30% and 50% relative humidity for comfort and home health. As moisture levels inside rise, you need a way to combat the humidity in your home.

Whole home dehumidifiers fight excess humidity by removing the extra moisture from your air supply. They work with your HVAC system, treating air throughout your entire home. The dehumidifier monitors your home’s humidity levels, operating when they exceed a set level to remove excess moisture.

Whole home dehumidifiers are easy to use. They require little maintenance, unlike portable dehumidifiers that require reservoir emptying. The whole home model is connected to its own plumbing, allowing the accumulated moisture to exit the system automatically. They provide broader moisture control versus portable models intended to treat smaller areas.

Air Duct Replacement in Dallas, TX

Leaking ductwork can allow moisture to infiltrate your home. The humid air in unconditioned areas that ducts run through can enter your duct system through leaks, disconnections, and gaps, mixing with your conditioned air and adding moisture as well as contaminants.

Replacing your poorly performing ductwork can help with humidity control in your home. Your new duct system will be properly designed to deliver air effectively, and installed correctly to prevent air and moisture infiltrations that impact indoor moisture levels.

Why Humidity Control Is Important

High moisture levels in the home can cause a host of problems for your family as well as for the house and its contents. Bacteria thrive in moist environments – with unchecked humidity, colonies can grow on surfaces in your living areas. Exposure can lead to illness among your family members.

A humid home also provides an ideal environment for mold growth. Mold can grow on both surfaces you see and those you cannot, causing extensive damage to your home and exposing your family to harmful mold spores. Mold exposure causes a range of health effects, including some that are quite serious.

Allergens such as dust mites also thrive in humid homes. The higher concentration of allergens due to high humidity can lead to heightened, more frequent allergy symptoms.

Keep your home’s humidity under control with the help of All Service Heat and Air. We offer the products and services you need to balance relative humidity for the safety, health, and comfort of your family. Contact us today to learn more.