Carbon Monoxide Monitors in Plano, TX

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Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless toxic gas that is emitted naturally as a by-product of combustion, such as that of your furnace, fireplace, or vehicle. Normally, very little carbon monoxide is produced and is vented to the outdoors by built-in safety and ventilation features. However, if these safeguards malfunction, carbon monoxide could build up quickly in your home or business, causing mild fatigue, moderate illness, or even death.

How Do Carbon Monoxide Monitors Work?

A carbon monoxide monitor measures and records the levels of carbon monoxide in the building. A digital display indicates the current level; if the level becomes too high, a loud alarm will alert you to the danger. Most monitors plug into an electric outlet and use a battery backup for extra protection. Having a carbon monoxide detector helps keep your family safe by serving as an early warning system.

If your carbon monoxide monitor goes off, all family members should exit the home immediately. Call your local fire department and your gas utility provider to come inspect your home and locate the source of any present gas leaks. If your heating system was determined to be the source of the carbon monoxide leak, turn off the gas valve immediately and discontinue use. Call All Service Heating and Air to have a service technician come out and diagnose your system as well as perform any needed repairs. Do not use your furnace or heating system again until repairs have been made and your system has been cleared by your service technician.

Maintenance for Carbon Monoxide Monitors

Carbon monoxide monitors are key to safety within the home, and they need to be properly maintained to keep them in good working order. Failure to perform maintenance can leave you at risk, as your monitors may not properly function when needed. Every month, you should test the carbon monoxide monitors in your home by pressing the test button. Batteries should be changed every six months. The carbon monoxide monitor itself should be replaced every five years.

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