American AC Repair and Maintenance in Plano, TX

For expert HVAC service, you can count on All Service Heating and Air. We provide personalized, high-quality American Standard® air conditioner installation, maintenance, and repair service to residents and businesses in Plano, Dallas, Leonard, Richardson, and the surrounding Texas areas.

For over 130 years, American Standard® has been known for producing reliable, low-maintenance cooling systems that are easy to use. Popular for their high comfort and low operating costs, these units exceed government standards for efficiency, and the wide selection fits any requirement and budget.

If you’re considering an American Standard® cooling system, let our experienced professionals help you choose the right American Standard® unit for your needs and budget.

American Standard® offers a wide variety of air conditioners to meet the requirements of any household. All Service Heating and Air will help you choose the proper size of new unit for your home, which is essential to your continued comfort. Air conditioners which are too large or too small for a home consume excessive amounts of energy and do not offer the comfort control of a system that is properly sized. When investing in a new air conditioner, you want to make sure you are maximizing your comfort dollars.

American Standard® Air Conditioners: Our selection

Our selection of quality American Standard® air conditioners includes the following models:

Platinum ZM Air Conditioner Allegiance® 20 Air Conditioner

  • Top-of–the-line air conditioner featuring two-stage cooling and helps you save up to 60 percent on your cooling energy usage.

Platinum XM Air Conditioner Allegiance® 16 Air Conditioner

  • Keeps you comfortable, thanks to generous two-step cooling and incredible energy efficiency.

Gold XI Air Conditioner Allegiance® 15 Air Conditioner

  • Efficient performance that may even qualify you for an energy tax credit.

Gold SI Air Conditioner Allegiance® 13 Air Conditioner

  • Impressive comfort and energy savings.

Silver XI Air Conditioner American Standard® 14 Air Conditioner

  • Total comfort, durability, and affordability.

Silver SI Air Conditioner American Standard® 13 Air Conditioner

  • Reliable American Standard® Heating & Air Conditioning at its most affordable.

Silver SI Air Conditioner

  • Reliable American Standard® Heating & Air Conditioning at its most affordable.

If you are considering buying a new American Standard® air conditioner, please give us a call. Our air conditioning installation team is skilled in working with American Standard® equipment and will ensure your air conditioner is installed right. Faulty installation contributes to early system failures, so you may not get the longevity you expect from your new system. Installation errors may also cause your air conditioner to use more electricity than necessary, driving up your electricity bills when you were expecting them to fall. Choose wisely; choose a professional.

As a local family-owned business for over 30 years, All Service Heating and Air has earned a premier reputation by putting the customer’s needs first.

Our goal is to provide homeowners and businesses with the finest heating and cooling systems available at a reasonable cost. For reliable, courteous service in the Plano, Dallas, Leonard, Richardson, and surrounding Texas areas, call our office today to book a service call. We’re here to serve you!