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For expert HVAC service, you can count on All Service Heating and Air. We provide personalized, high-quality air conditioning installation, maintenance, and repair service to residents and businesses in Plano, Dallas, Leonard, Richardson, and the surrounding Texas areas.


An efficient air conditioner provides cool comfort and promotes good health, especially for young children, the elderly, and those with allergies. In homes, a welcoming environment keeps everyone relaxed. For businesses, having clean, pure air attracts customers and enhances employees’ well-being.

Whether you’re looking for preventive maintenance, installation, repair, or replacement for your air conditioner, our experienced specialists can help.

Deciding to install a new air conditioner or replace your current air conditioner is a big step for any homeowner. By purchasing new equipment, you are making a significant investment in your home and your family’s comfort. It is important to choose a new air conditioner that is right for your home and your family so you can all enjoy efficient cooling for years to come. Consult the knowledgeable technicians at All Service Heating and Air to discuss your air conditioner installation and replacement needs; we are here to answer any questions you may have and to help you select the right equipment for your needs.

Air conditioners need regular maintenance to keep them running in top condition. Neglecting annual maintenance can lead to early breakdowns and system failure. Schedule annual air conditioning maintenance today!

From time to time, you may find that your air conditioner requires repairs to improve its performance. Calling a trusted air conditioning technician to perform the needed work will help ensure the job is done right. The skilled air conditioning technicians at All Service Heating and Air are available to perform your repairs quickly and accurately to restore your comfort faster.

All Service Heating and Air is pleased to offer the following air conditioning services:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much should an AC tune up cost?

The average cost of an AC tuneup ranges between $100 to $200; prices vary depending on thesize of your home,thetype ofACsystem andhow old it is. The average cost of an HVAC repairistypicallybetween$120 and $1,000, depending on what the issue is.

2. Is an air conditioner tune up worth it?

Yes, an HVAC tune up is worth the money. Similar to your vehicle, your HVAC system is acomplicatedmachine that gets a lot of “mileage”. It is composed of critical and moving partsthat are exposed to wear and tear over time. Just like your car, your AC system is not going tooperate at its best if it’s worn down and neglected. HVAC tune upslead to better performanceand reduced energy consumption, resulting in enhanced comfort and lower bills.

3. How long does an AC tune up take?

The inspection process should take about an hour, depending on how your system is configured.If refrigerant is required, you can expect an extra 30-45 minutes.

4. What does AC tune up include?

A comprehensive HVAC tune-up generally includes a thorough cleaning of the condenser coils toenhance efficiency and reduce wear and tear; an analysis of the coolant level to help sustain topoperating performance; lubrication of all moving parts to avoid friction from occurring and wearthat may cause higher energy costs; a full calibration of your thermostat to ensure proper operation; an evaluation of the ductwork for potential energy loss;inspection and tightening ofall electrical connections to ensure safe system operation; and an evaluation of the performanceof the blower motor and condition of the blower belt.

5. How often do you need to add Freon to home AC?

If everything is workingcorrectly, your AC should never need Freon. A central AC should onlyneed refrigerant added if there’s a refrigerant leak.

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