Air Cleaners and Filtration in Plano, TX

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Indoor air often contains harmful substances including dust, mold, bacteria, and dander that can cause health problems ranging from mild headaches to severe respiratory illnesses. Installing air cleaners and filtration can remove these harmful contaminants from your indoor air to create a cleaner, purer environment.

How Do Air Cleaners and Filtration Work?

Air cleaners and filtration systems trap pollutants, allergens, and unpleasant odors within your HVAC system so that they never reach your living or working space. Having cleaner air and fewer particles can improve your health and help your HVAC system and electronic equipment perform better and last longer.

There are different types of air cleaners available for use in your home. A whole house air cleaner is installed to work with your heating system and air conditioner, working to clean the air throughout the entire home. Portable air cleaners can be moved from room to room, depending on what area of the home needs air quality improvement. When purchasing a portable air cleaner, be sure to choose one that is the appropriate size for the space which will be treated.

High-quality filtration will remove more contaminants from your home. Standard disposable air filters only have the ability to capture larger contaminants, letting a lot of pollutants pass and circulate throughout your home. High-efficiency air filters are able to trap miniscule particles, including the germs and viruses that can make you sick. Discuss filtration systems with your HVAC professional, who can help you choose an air filter solution that will work well with your current heating and cooling equipment.

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